Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Charlie Banana Review

Nappy Review
Charlie Banana Sized Nappy

Fluffy mail has arrived from Fill Your Pants in the form of a Charlie Banana sized nappy.
£10.99 from fillyourpants

Charlie Banana nappies use a new innovative system. They are pocket nappies with incredibly soft inserts but also can be used with disposable inserts that slip into the pocket flap of the nappy.

Drying Time
The outer shell of the nappy dried reasonable quickly, the inserts are removed to dry and needed to be left over night in a warm room which is standard for any pocket nappy inserts. Come the summer these nappies and inserts will be dry on the line in a matter of hours.

Re-usable Inserts
The 2 micro fibre inserts were reliably absorbent. Even using the 2 together I was able to dress Elsie in her normal clothes and they didn't appear to make her bum too big.
Disposable Inserts
We trialled the disposable inserts several times and were pleasantly surprised to discover they easily contained everything and Elsie and no reaction to the inserts.

Re-Usable inserts
No leaks at all.

Disposable inserts
We experienced no leaks - we trialled the disposable inserts on a long car journey and the compression did not make the nappy leak at all.

The nappy was a lovely fit on Elsie who has a smaller waist in relation to chunkier thighs. Even though she is at the top of the weight range for this sized nappy I believe she has a good few months left of this one.

Overall Rating

Our little fluffy dumplings say "reliable work horse nappy".

Reviewed by Fluffydumpings Sarah mum to Elsie .
Other products and nappies are available over at Fill Your Nursery


  1. I wonder if those are water absorbקnt. The only nappies I know you can use inside ש pool are little swimmers by Huggies but I'm not a big fan..
    Please visit my blog with lots of mum-to-mum tips at www.EllAdvice.com.

  2. HI Sarah
    I am a person who suffering SPD as well, I would like to know your email address to discuss more..about surgery..
    thanks a lot.
    mine is siwenn@gmail.com

  3. Found your blog via a pinterest search on cloth nappies (motivating myself to start them again). Just had a lovely read whilst early morning feeding my babe, thank you xx


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