Monday, 28 January 2013

Today I making fleece liners

Now I haves lovely sewing machine that sits on my kitchen table. It looks great it really does. I have even a box of material and much needed sewing bits and bobs sitting in a very pretty box under the table. The problem is since first discovering I have the inability to sew a straight line immediately I have been put off. With a child and a baby I struggled to find more then 5 minutes at a time to sit down.

However, I am back into cloth in a big way and determined to start making some fleece liners aas  gentle introduction.

Fleece is supposed to be a doddle as it doesn't fray so doesn't really even need sewing. But nice neat edges are preferable for me personally. Having said that I didn't even realise until informed today that a polyester blanket bought on the high street this morning is the same as fleece. Don't be foole do to thinking I am an expert on this matter.

So whilst Elsie is sleeping at some point today I shall cut out a template for my liners (possible even out the back of a cereal packet) and start cutting with my shiny new pinking shears.

Photos and an update will follow.


  1. Fleece is lovely and warm as well. You're very clever.

    CJ x

  2. thank you for stopping by, I think we will be going through a few versions before we get it right.


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