Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Year New Nappy

Well its been a long time coming. I am not quite sure what happened over the past few months but between children and illness I have severely neglected this little old blog.
A New Years Resolution - to get Elsie back into cloth nappies. Yes I loath to admit but the disposable has become a constant feature here. I have plenty of excuses - teething poops, bad nappy rash, not enough nappies, nappies not drying quick enough, not being well enough to physically do the washing etc but I really dislike using them and want to get back in to the beloved cloth. First thing I need to do us order some nappy liners - disposable and fleece. I know I could make my own fleece but at this rate she will be school before I did that! I also need to sell on some of our beloved pockets because as much as I love the ease of them I can't deny a good fitted and funky wrap are my favourite nappies!

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