Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How we made our fleece liners

Well as promised I made some!

It started late last night - too late to be honest, I had one child that wouldn't sleep and a baby screaming with teething pain whilst an over worked husband was still at work. 

At 10.00pm when everything was quiet I took out the kit I needed to make the liners.

how to make a fleece liner

What you don't think I should be making it from the couch? No me neither, but needs must when a poorly baby is sleeping at the other end!

As you can see I have a mix of thick cardboard and the back of a cereal packet. I only have sharp scissors no fancy cutting tools and I used a normal pocket nappy to roughly estimate the length and width of the liners.

Valentine home made fleece liner
So as you can see a long, wide fairly plain shaped fleece liner. I have rounded the ends just to add interest - I don't see any need for it.
I do love the Valentine themed material.
This is what they look like inside a fitted nappy
I love how this looks. Yes I am probably biased but it has made me smile putting this on Elsie's bottom today.
As you could have predicted Elsie pooped in it within minutes! So after removing the nappy I noticed how the liner had bunched up and a lot of the poop was folded in between the liner and the nappy. I needed shape the liner so where it curls around the legs the fleece doesn't bunch up.
Time for version 2
This has a shaped area around the legs. Lets see if it bunches up inside the nappy.
 Here it looks like the shaped area is too nappy once laid on the nappy. We shall have to see how it goes once its worn.

I shall let you know later how it goes.

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