Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Feeling the love... ditching the disposable

I have to admit I have had our fair share of ups and downs with out cloth nappies.

In the beginning none of our birth to potty nappies fitted properly and I couldn't work out why. It turns out birth actually meant approximately 10 lb so we had to wait a month or two.
As Elsie got older they fitted better for a while then as I added an additional insert started to leak again. It turns out I was over stuffing them so pulling the nappy away from the legs.
In time we moved on to cloth at night but had awful nappy rash from wearing fitteds (who knew the importance of fleece liners), leaks from using wool and fleece wraps (Elsie didn't move enough) and dreadful marks on her thighs from the tight elastic in the nappy wraps.
It has taken time to rectify all the above and we have made several duff purchases that we need to sell on preloved boards that will be better suited to other babies. At times I have wanted to give up. We have bought ridiculously expensive yet awful preloved nappies. The sort that you don't even want to wash just chuck straight in the bin. We have bought numerous types of the same style and then realised they just don't work for us. We have not bought enough of the same style of those that do work for us.

With just a few nappies left to sell that no longer fit or work as well for us so I can build up my fitted stash I am quietly confident (and a little smug) that I don't have to sneak a packet of disposables into my shopping trolley anymore!


  1. It seems a long time ago since I used to buy nappies for Amy, but I remember them being so expensive. It used to annoy me because they are a necessity and I'm just not a cloth-nappy person! Something else that companies profiteer on.

    CJ x

  2. Ever since disposable diapers became really popular in the 1970s, they have been first choice for (nearly) all moms due to the ease of use and convenience of disposal.
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