Saturday, 1 September 2012

The NHS...

My lovely baby Elsie has been poorly again.

It started as a normal day yesterday, she fed had breakfast and we even had a walk around town for a spot of retail therapy. By lunch time she was tired and didn't want a feed. By tea time she lethargic and making a grunting noise with each breath. We decided on a Friday night to take her to A&E

I was prepared for a lengthy wait. We had the big girl with us too so I took plenty of change for the vending machine and plenty of nappies for baby Elsie.
NHS A and E

Within minutes we were being triaged. We hadn't even filled in the initial assessment form at reception before we were called in. We were told straight away her obs were high and that she would see a pediatrician as soon as one was available. We had to wait all of 5 minutes.

The lovely Andrew was incredibly thorough. She was examined and then put on oxygen straight away.  A call to the children's ward was made and we were up there being admitted within an hour. She had urine tests and x rays where they confirmed another chest infection. We avoided a blood test, because the team decided that rather than doing bloods first as it protocol they would do the x ray and if it showed a problem in her lungs there was no need for bloods. Incredibly sensible in my opinion and saved Elsie the trauma of a needle again.

We have been discharged with antibiotics, and paracetamol and ibuprofen (because we had none left in the house and it would save us a trip to the chemist). The level of service was impeccable. We were offered tea and coffee, my eldest daughter was made a fuss of whilst she was waiting with us and given unlimited juice... with a straw!

We have been given a 'pass' that allows us direct access to the ward for the next few days in case she gets worse or we are worried about her.

I am so relieved we have the NHS, grateful that our local hospital has some fantastic doctors and nurses in A&E and on its children's ward and thankful that this time daddy's intuition kicked in quick and decided we needed to go to A&E last night.

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