Friday, 14 September 2012

Just another cold....

Well I have a poorly baby Elsie again. So far its just another cold, I am praying it does not turn into yet another chest  infection. I think 5 or so this year is quite enough for a 10 month old baby girl.

So how does this affect our lives...? Well I am up all night nursing a poorly Elsie, and this time I don't mean breastfeeding as she hasn't been able to feed because she cant not breathe at all through her nose. So this morning I am tired and also full. Full to the brim, with no easy way of expressing due to my very expensive breast pump breaking within weeks of purchasing it and I foolishly did not keep a receipt.

Elsie is obviously very tired also and after the school run slept for three hours on my chest. I didn't dare put her down and to be honest was to tired to bother myself. Thankfully the TV remote was in reach and I watched a range of day time TV instead. So please excuse me if I lose myself in this post as I am pretty sure it rotted a few dozen brain cells.

This afternoon when I should be preparing dinner. I have convinced myself I can be a housewife and mum from the 50's who will have a freshly prepared dinner on the table for the whole family every evening. Hubby can come home from work, kiss the family and sit down to a hearty dinner. Well that is the theory anyway. How did women run house and home so well back then? My house is a mess and veg is often left rotting in the fridge at the end of the week because for one reason or another at least 2 of the planned meals don't get done.

Elsie is back in disposable nappies again - the effect of medicine on her delicate stomach means I don't have enough cloth nappies to last. I would be doing 2 washes a day and that's not happening.

Its Elsie's christening on Sunday. Please God let her be well for it and be able to enjoy her special day.

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