Saturday, 25 August 2012

Make breastfeeding more acceptable....

Rosie Jennings has made a short video with her 2 daughters in talking about breastfeeding in public. It has supposedly caused a stir since being posted.

The debate risen includes responses from anti breast feeders - yes there really are people out there who think it is so wrong nowadays when 'formula is so good', the people who believe its disgusting to breastfeed in public and bare yourself and those who think breastfeeding is a sexual act. Obviously there are those who are pleased and possibly inspired by Rosie's video 'Is it a sin to bare our flesh?'

Now as a mummy who breastfeeds her 9 month old I am currently experiencing views from those who believe its a waste after 6 months so it is nice to see older children breastfeeding.

Breast feeding

Now I have watched the video and read the responses and I have my views but I would like to know yours.


  1. Just watched it, thanks.
    Wanted to read the comments you mentioned but watched it on Channel 4 On Demand and couldn't see any comments,
    Liska xxx

  2. I used your first link which meant the video was imbedded (and no comments) but just used your second link and now see comments (off to have a read)
    Liska x

    1. Ah thank you I shall amend the first link then!


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