Monday, 16 July 2012

Politically Incorrect Parenting... apparantly

You may have already seen the recent surge over many social media networks of Nigel Latta's Politically Incorrect Parenting book. If you haven't I am sure you soon will have someone on your news feed posting it on their wall.

 Have you read it? I doubt it. Will you buy it? Not likely. But, many parents are suddenly hailing this man as a hero because he has apparently written the first parenting manual worth reading. 

Politically Incorrect Parenting Book

I beg to differ, I doubt there is any parenting manual worth reading to be honest but his claims have annoyed me more than most because he claims to be different telling us not to mollycoddle our children and let them be children with 10  written rules. His claims of politically incorrectness got me a little excited. I thought I was going to read 10 rules of common sense from the 70's when parents and neighbors clipped you round the ear for stealing milk of the door step and teachers were not afraid to discipline naughty school children with a slipper or even just give out detentions. Nowadays its a hands off approach and you can't be seen labeling as a child naughty without supposedly damaging their emotional well being.

So what does Nigel offer? Well sadly not a lot. Its all a bit of hype, when you actually read his rules its as airy fairy as any other 'Parenting Manual'.

For example Rule 4

"Feed the good starve the Bad"

What does he mean by this? Basically when your child is being a little s*d you are meant to just ignore it. Really? Oh okay then...  Do we ignore drawing on the walls, biting other children, tantrums in the sweet shop? 
I was kind of hoping you were at least going to say send them to bed without any supper!

Also Rule 3

"All children are piranhas"
Yes we know that stick your hand out and they will chomp it off if they think it contains a sweet. But what do you actually mean Nigel? What politically incorrect amazing common sense approach are you highlighting here?
Oh you mean "children are hungry for attention" 
That's hardly profound.

How about Rule 9

"All behavior is communication"
Yes they are saying I am a little Sh*t and you can do Jack all about it.

Now I must disclose here I have not read the book! I have read the 10 rules he highlights (listed below)
I have no intention on wasting my money on a parenting manual. I would rather go back and watch Roseanne and her american brood from that 80' sitcom instead!

However if you think you can't live without Nigel Latta's rules here they are....  

1) Remember the 3 R's
Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

2) Loving is easy, liking is hard

3) All children are piranhas

4) Feed the good starve the bad

5) Kids need fences

6) Be consistent ish

7) Don't take any crap

8) You must have a plan

9) All behaviour is communication

10) Embrace Chaos

Yes I did warn you they were naff!

Have you any better tips and advice on parenting? Please let me know.


  1. I'm kind of curious to read it....

  2. I think that man has teenagers... lol I don't know how he goes on to explain his ten rules as I havn't read, but as headlines I do agree with quite a few of them. However...... parenting styles need to change as kids get older, you have to ...learn to adapt to your kids and their frequent and rapid changes when it comes to being able to have a good relationship with them/raising them/discipline etc. The one thing I have learned from being a mum for nearly 15 years now is that is key to parenting (other than loving of course) is consistency. If you aren't consistent they will walk all over you, and believe it or not, kids crave discipline, rules and boundaries. So his rule on being "consistent-ish" is utter bollocks!! Consistent-ISH??!! To me it shows that since he hasn't been consistent, his house has turned into madness and utter chaos. Hence rule #10... he's only telling us to embrace chaos because he has created it in his own home and it's the easiest and laziest way to get out of proper parenting!! Notice the front of his book, he says it contains 10 no nonsense rules to stay sane and raise happy kids. He's only sane because his kids are running rampant in his house and he's hiding in the study with a bottle of Jack permanently attached to his left hand. I bet if you were a fly on the wall in his family home it would show a completely different story!! x

    1. So thats why I need my own study? Can I swap Jack for Gordons?

  3. I have a good parenting tip; crappy parenting books make great fire lighters.

    1. I like your thinking. However for various reasons so many parents are feeling inadequate in their parenting skills and choices they turn to these books for help and advice.

  4. you don't need a parenting manual, no-one does. All you need to do is learn how to negotiate, give unconditional love, oh and an ability wear the ******* out helps as well :0)


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