Thursday, 12 July 2012

Grow your own veggies - 6 weeks on

Well its been 6 weeks since we planted our little seeds in the garden.  Molly has taken to watering them every few days when its been dry (so hardly ever really) 

We had to move the planters from around the garden to under the garden chairs to give them a little shelter from the terrible wind we have had. They are currently growing under several garden chairs against a wall in the hope of some protection until the summer.

Birds Eye Grow Your Own Garden Peas

I have also had to regularly pour out excess rainwater from the soil as the small holes I put in the tubs are not enough to drain all the water from all the bad weather.

Today we are off to buy garden sticks as the peas are needing them now.  I am really looking forward to some fresh garden peas as it is one of the few foods Elsie seems to be really enjoying eating herself. It would be very handy to have our own supply.

Take a look at the video if you want to see how to tie your peas to the cane

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  1. Fantastic!

    It's so great to grow your own food and great for kids to get involved and understand the process!



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