Friday, 4 May 2012

Weaning.... and cloth nappies

Wow its like a whole new world.

Elsie is now 6 months already so we have just introduced her to weaning. Some days she even eats a bit but most days its spread around her face and the high chair much to her delight. At the moment its just fun so I don't really worry about how much she is actually eating.

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I do however worry about the nappies! There appears to be more coming out then goes in. Even on the days she eats nothing.

We stopped using throwaway or flushable liners within a few weeks of using cloth because they were rough, seemed to squidge together and didn't contain any of the poop anyway. One of the benefits of cloth is having something soft and dry next to babies skin so rough paper liners ruined this.

However the weaning poops have appeared. They are not solid enough to be flicked into the toilet nor runny enough to go into the machine as they contained bits of carrot and no one wants that going round and round in the machine

So what have I tried? Well at first I tried the swish and flush method. This involves holding the fleece liner we use in the flushing toilet water. Epic fail -I just ended up with a very soggy, still covered in poop, liner that dripped water from toilet to bucket.

If the poops were solid I would have used the flick method, its pretty self explanatory it involves flicking the poop off the liner or nappy straight into the toilet. Sadly there is no 'flickability' to Elsie's poop.

The next method I learned of via a cloth board. Its called a poop spoon. Yes that's right a dedicated spoon to scrape the poop off the nappy and into the toilet. Now obviously you need to have a dedicated spoon, as much as you may want to let your partner use it for his cornflakes its really not advised. So if you have a poop spoon where do you store it? One place is a  toilet brush holder. We don't actually have any of these though. So will I be buying any toilet brush holders in the near future? Thankfully not yet. I recently received some bamboo disposable liners. They have been invaluable. They are still soft against Elsie's skin but catch pretty much all the poop. I have been able to roll the liners up and dispose of them and continue to chuck a fairly clean looking nappy into the nappy bucket or wet bag.

Hope I haven't put any of you off your dinners!

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