Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Secret Cloth Nappy Swaps

Do you remember the disappointment at the tat you were bought for your Secret Santa gift at work? I can remember being bought mugs with men's anatomies on and joke books with pictures of poop in.  Tat that was immediately bagged up for charity in the new year.

Well currently I am taking part in the best cloth nappy version of Secret Santa. Instead of for Christmas though its for the start of the Olympics. Its been named the Secret Olympic Swap, SOS.

All the participants are members of a Facebook group called Cloth Bum Mums. We all registered on Elfster and have agreed to purchase a nappy up to the budget of £20. Via Elfster you get to ask your recipient anonymous questions and they can also state their wishes, what they don't need and what they  like etc.  This is great as it ensures that if you don't know your recipient already very well from the group you can still ensure you buy them the perfect cloth nappy.

Now mine has been answering questions and stating wishes and I know which current makes she uses and which WAHM she prefers. So the next step for me was to get on a custom slot for one of these WAHM.

So for the past 24 hours I have stalked the WAHM on Facebook and twitter and today successfully bagged myself a slot. 

Now my buy is for a boy. Slightly scary as I only have girls so buying something suitable is a little daunting. I am relying on the WAHM knowing more about my recipient then I already do.

Cloth nappy, olympic cloth nappy swap

Just as exciting is the fact my purchaser has asked me some questions today! It is so exciting knowing that someone is taking the time to search for a cloth nappy for your little one. I have given them pretty much free reign although stipulated that I don't like black or skulls. I hope they are as excited about buying for me as I am for my recipient!

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