Monday, 28 May 2012

Planting the seeds for growing our own veggies

So the day has finally arrived that we have time to get in the garden and plant our seeds. As you can see Molly is positively beaming with excitement - on the inside she really is.

We have purchased cheap plastic containers to plant them straight into and got an absolute bargain on compost at Homebase £1.52 for a 33L bag  

So after adding the compost to the containers to the right level we open the bags of seeds and re read the instructions

Molly digs the little holes and plants the seeds in the right pots.  We label each trough with either peas, sweetcorn or carrots. 

Molly carefully checks the seeds and covers them with a layer of compost.

When she is sure it has all been done correctly each trough and pot are carefully watered.

Who knows how this little experiment will turn out. We don't have any soil in our garden so are planting everything in containers. It is not clear to us if we have deep enough containers for everything so will see how we get on. 

If you wish to join the Birds Eye Grow your own campaign check out the facebook page for more information.

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