Thursday, 24 May 2012

To do list...... its a Thursday thing

I have had a rough couple of weeks, I have a flare up of Sarcoidosis again and seem to have got behind on a few things. I am literally trapped under mountains of washing, dishes, nappies and the odd child. So where do I start in getting myself organised and functioning again?........LISTS, I love lists.

Work to do list
Write cloth nappy posts
Write 2 guest posts
Write bio and posts
Write bib review
Write seeds posts
Write teething jewelry review
Write Pushchair review
Check rankings and log-in and networking bits

Home to do list
Nappy wash out 
Nappy wash on
Stuff nappies
Clothes away
Pack up baby 3-6 months
Pack away moses basket into box in garage
Pack away carry cot for push chair
Pack away bouncer
Build desk

Set up boxes and filing for desk
Set up lap top
Clear table
Clean kitchen
Buy dinner
Make dinner
Clear out car to sell
Find car log book and paper work and manual and keys
New car mats in new car
Sort out life assurance
Get quotes for carpets and flooring

Garden to do list
Plant seeds 
Compost pots
Bin dead plants from many moons ago
Bin/recycle old garden toys
Clean garden furniture
Set table and parasol up

Out and about
Returns to Tesco
Make doctors appointment
Make dentist appointment and find a dental plan
Buy compost for seeds
Collect family portraits from shop

I may actually try and keep this up to date if I can find time between actually living a life of looking after a poorly baby and 6 yr old with more after school clubs and activities than I can remember.

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