Thursday, 3 May 2012

Green Pomelo Review 2

Nappy Review
Green Pomelo Birth to Potty (BTP)  pocket nappy

£11.60 from

There are a range of BTP pocket nappies in Velcro and poppers and both styles of varying ranges of colours and patterns. There are funky and bright patterns which make a change from the usual pastel shades we see with more well known branded nappy companies.

Drying Time
These nappies dry reasonable quickly, the inserts are removed to dry and the cotton outer we trialled dried within a matter or hours in the house. The inserts needed to be left over night which is standard for any pocket nappy inserts.

The 2 micro fibre inserts were very absorbent and boosted with one of the 2 bamboo boosters supplied lasted over 5 hours on Elsie when I gave in and had to change her.

Fantastic, our fluffy dumplings tester Elsie had no leaks after 5 hours and on other days everything she threw at this nappy even when weaning was contained.

The nappies fitted Elsie's chunky thighs really well and we were able to fasten the velcro tight around her slimmer waist. The nappy becomes a little bulky like most pocket nappies with both the microfibre insert and the bamboo booster.

Overall Rating

Our little fluffy dumplings say "the bamboo boosters make all the difference to this nappy"

Reviewed by Fluffydumpings Sarah mum to Elsie .

We previously reviewed the Green Pomelo nappy with only one microfibre insert and have therefore been kindly sent both sets of microfibre inserts and bamboo boosters to review again.  
We also trialled Green Pomelo cloth wipes which have been excellent at cleaning up weaning poop - and speaking of which we have since discovered how invaluable biodegradable liners can be. The Green Pomelo bamboo liners are softer then previous throw away liners we have used and we will continue using these whilst we have the messy weaning poop.

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