Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blueberry Coveralls Review

Now during Real Nappy Week I ordered a couple of Blueberry Coveralls from Little One Lane.
Nappy Review
Blueberry coveralls are made in the USA. They are designed to fit a weight range of 10 - 40lbs (BTP) They are made in a range of colours and pretty patterns and are available to buy in either applix (velcro) or poppers.   
Blueberry coverall night nappy wrap

Fluffy Dumplings Rating
£12.50  from various online shops we bought this from Little One Lane

Being birth to potty makes them better value then sized nappy wraps as you will be using them for more than two years on average. 

Blueberry coveralls have a great resale value too.

The wraps are available in a range of colours and cute patterns. There are available as applix or poppers. In our experience the applix wraps have given a better fit because Elsie has a small waist but chunky thighs.

Drying Time
The wraps are made from lightweight and waterproof material and laminated interior that can easily be wiped clean between uses and left to dry for a few minutes. he washing machine the wrap was dry with a couple of hours on an airer.

Now with it being a wrap its the actual nappy underneath that performs the absorbency. We used with a Totsbots Stretchy and Elsie was dry all night.

Blueberry coveralls have latex free elastic covered by soft bindings which do not irritate even the most sensitive of legs. The wraps also have double gussetted legs which help prevent leaks also.

The wraps fit from 10 to 40 pound and as such last on average from birth to potty training. The velcro fastening and poppered fronts gave us the perfect fit and as such no leaks even though it was a very messy     night.

Overall Rating

At fluffydumplngs we are so pleased with our first brand new Blueberry wraps. Elsie for the first time has woken with no marks on her legs and we have had no leaks over night.

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