Monday, 23 April 2012

Real Nappy Week - guess what we were wearing

Now is this ironic? It was Real Nappy Week last week and I write a cloth nappy blog, so why was my baby girl in disposables all week?

Well sadly she had a nasty skin infection and nasty eczema which meant 3 lots of creams applies all day every day which were not going to be kind to cloth.

I have felt like a big fraud this week and it has been the hardest week.

Reasons I don't like disposable nappies

1) They smell. When they have a wee or poo in them there is a nasty smell. its not the wee or the poop its the reaction with the chemical. This smell varies slightly depending on brand but its always there. Changing the first nappy of the day is the hardest nastiest smell ever.... fact.

2) They leak. My Elsie is purely breastfed still and so has the runniest of poops. It leaks out the side of the nappies every time. I can not believe how rubbish these nappies are. I have touched more poop last week then I ever would with cloth.

3) Even once removed what are you to do with them. I had to carry around poopy nappies in plastic bags (and poopy clothes) most days last week. Even when I had managed to change Elsie in a baby changing room I didn't want to touch the dirty bins to stuff yet another nappy into it. The room was stinking enough.

4) Our rubbish bin has become rather full much quicker than usual.

5) Instead of a nappy wash I am doing daily poopy clothes washes because of all the leaks.

6) My baby has no big squidgy bum anymore.

7) They are so expensive. They last a couple of hours and then are binned.

8) They are so hard and dry.

9) They look really ugly.

My poor little girls skin is much better and today and soon she will be back in her cloth.

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