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Night time nappies

A little fluffydumplings guide to night time nappies. 

There are fewer nappies that are suitable for night time then day time use. These nappies need to last the average baby 12 -13 hours approximately unless you are changing baby in the night. (who wants to do that?)

We have found several 'night time' nappies that work well for us. 

Pocket Nappies
Nappies that you stuff with inserts that absorb the wee. The inserts are generally micro fibre which absorbs quickly or bamboo which can hold more but absorbs at a slower pace. The bamboo works better underneath the microfibre insert (furthest away from baby's bottom).  Hemp and charcoal are also used and have some excellent recommendations on many cloth forums. We have yet to try these!

BumGenius pocket nappies with the 2 inserts last Elsie a good 12 hours. I only have 2 of these nappies though and really prefer to use them during the day as they are so reliable and easy to use particularly if Elsie has a long day time nap.

Baba and Boo pocket with 2 microfibre inserts and a bamboo booster also last Elsie a good 12 hours. Similar to the BumGenius though we do prefer to have these nappies available for use during the day. 

I recommend, experimenting with the pockets you have and adding bamboo boosters to see how they last. Perhaps put a fleece blanket down underneath your little one so if it does leak you may be able to get away without changing the whole bed - very useful if you co-sleep.

AIO All in ones.
All in ones are nappies that have inserts already attached to the outer shell of the nappy. They tend to be a slimmer fit but do take longer to dry.

Bambooty nights last us approximately 9 hours so if we pop her in one of these at the last feed before I go to bed this works well. The only downside is I am at risk of getting her too awake and having to wait a while before she is ready to go back to sleep.

Fitted and Wraps
Fitted nappies need a wrap of some sort to make them absorbent.  They do tend to be bulkier nappies but the advantage is you can often reuse the wrap (perhaps wipe down the inside between changes). 

Motherease onelife with a motherease airflow wrap.  They have served us well although recently with the extra boosting they have become a bit tight on the leg and we are considering alternative wraps as making the poppered leg fastening bigger leaves too big a gap around the leg which allows the fitted nappy underneath to leak down the legs.

Motherease onelife with a little lamb. This works really well for us and as its applix we can get a better fit around the legs. 

Night time nappies can be bulky but sweet. 

We have spoken to our fluffdumpling friends too and here is what they had to say!

Hayley uses Monkeysnuggles with a wool wrap and her little one is dry after an amazing 13 - 14 hours!
monkeysnuggles, night nappy, cloth nappy

Monkeysnuggles are a fitted cloth nappy that need a wrap of some sort. Wool is particularly good as it allows any excess dampness from the fitted to evaporate.

Wool longies, night time nappies, cloth nappies

It works better if your baby moves about in their sleep as this doesn't allow any moisture to gather and pool.
You can also use fleece as a wrap too. You can use a fleece sleepsuit or buy fleece wraps.

night time cloth nappies, wool longies

Kerri uses a Totsbots Bamboozle on N at night time.

bamboozle, night time, cloth nappy, diaper

The above shows the fitted nappy on its own. Its a cotton nappy which would leak without a wrap. N, wears it with a Motherease wrap as shown below, or a little lamb wrap.

night nappy, cloth nappies, motherease

If you currently use disposables at night have a play around with the nappies you have or visit the pre loved boards to see if there are alternatives that suit you. If you have any questions please let me know, I can always find an answer from someone I know!

I would also like to know what works for you if you are already using cloth at night. Let me know by commenting below so I can pass it on. Thank you!

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