Monday, 30 April 2012

Grow your own Veggies

Birds Eye Grow your own Campaign.

Now we are new to gardening (our garden consists of a deck and a small corner of bark). We are by no means considered green fingered, we do however enjoy vegetables and salads and with the recent rises in food prices we have been keen to grow our own.
As luck would have it Birds Eye are currently running a 'Grow your own' campaign to conincide with celebrating 65 years or growing vegetables.
The lovely chaps over at Birds Eye sent us some seeds, trays a trowel and watering can to get us started. I have given these to Molly and purchased a few brightly coloured troughs for her to grow her own little vegetable patch.
I highly recommend you joining in the campaign with us by clicking here and claiming your own free seeds with a code from special packs of Birds Eye veg.

The chaps at Birds Eye have also provided tutorials

for you to watch which will help answer any questions.

Get in touch and let me know how your own grow own campaign is getting on this summer!

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