Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wonderful Nappy Cream

Ok I have been posting a lot about nappy creams and wipes recently. I have made up my own wipe solutions, and been buying them ready made. I have used various nappy creams that are suitable and unsuitable for cloth.

Elsie is quite prone to nappy rash and seems to have quite sensitive skin. Because of this I have tried various nappy creams recently.  We purchased CJ's butter because it was raved about on so many cloth nappy boards but sadly it just made Elsie's skin worse. We have used egg whites to calm it down - which has worked considerably but isn't practical as a nappy cream when out and about. So whilst trawling the internet I found a suggestion to try Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter.  

So yesterday I loaded a particularly grumpy Elsie into the car and off we went. I was rather excited to see this wonder bottom butter that would relieve Elsie of her nappy rash.

Back home and Elsie next nappy change I use wet cloth to wipe her and apply the wonder cream. My it smells so good. A little bit like chocolate! I also use the cream on the dry skin on her forehead and a little on the dry skin on her back. So baby smells good enough to eat its time to go get her big sister.  

As soon as Molly sees Elsie she asks of she has been eaten chocolate. Not because she is concerned about her dietary habits, but more because she is concerned I have shared Molly's rocky road with Elsie no doubt!  I explain its her new nappy cream and big sister appears to be rather disgusted with that thought.

At bath time I check out the nappy rash, considerably reduced! Hooray. A nappy cream that is easily available, easy to take around in the changing bag (although the pot is a little large) and smells delicious. Its these small things that mark success.


  1. I'm hearing so much about this product at the moment. Sounds yummy. I just use coconut oil. It's been brilliant for rashes.

    1. I haven't tried coconut oil, I shall have to give it a whirl. Thank you!

  2. We've thankfully not had a problem with rash. We use CJ's creamy lotion or coconut oil to moisturise skin though.


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