Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New to cloth nappies?

I first started researching cloth nappies when I was a few months pregnant with Elsie. I had joined many forums, blogs and online shops in order to find the 'right nappy'.  I was looking for functionality and budget mainly.  I bought a bundle of pocket nappies and a bundle of fitted nappies  night times.

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When Elsie came along I couldn't wait to start using the nappies. But I did have to wait. I hadn't bought any specific newborn nappies and all my birth to pocket nappies were far to big. Even the little lambs size ones swamped her little legs.

Looking back I needed a range of nappies especially for my newborn.  A few newborn or XS nappies would have helped a great deal.

Within a few weeks I had discovered that purchasing a few different styles also helped. Elsie was quite average size but got smaller after a spell in SCBU. We switched from pocket nappies to sized all in ones. These were tighter around the waist and leg and had a shorter width between the legs.

As she has gotten older she has bulked out considerably and certain fitted and sized nappies no longer fit as well. Now rather than boxing these all away I have split them up, half I shall sell on-line to fund the purchase of new or (new to me) nappies and the other half I shall store away in case she changes body shape again or hopefully to be used by a sibling in the future.

Pocket nappies and all in one birth to potty nappies are now mainly our nappy if choice for day to day use.

We have also discovered pretties!  These are fancy pants nappies that you really don't want your little one doing  a poop in. We have bought one pre-loved pretty from an auction site.  This nappy currently sits in the basket and looks pretty. I am waiting for a warm day to show off its ruffles with a pair of baby legs.

If you are new to cloth or considering cloth I can only advise to buy several different types and styles of nappies and then give them ago. If something doesn't work for you sell it on and use the money to buy other nappies. Buying pre loved nappies enables you to try a few without forking out a lot of money.  Particularly useful if you don't have a nappy library scheme in your area.

Have a look at my pages on the right of this screen to see the different types of nappies there are and how to care for them.

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