Sunday, 11 March 2012

My family didn't fall apart..

I am very proud of my little family. I have 2 girls Molly aged 6 and Elsie 4 months. I stay at home raising the girls and keeping house whilst Andy my hubby works hard in the office all day to bring home the money. I try my hardest to raise them well, we cloth bum Elsie and I breast feed. They get as much fresh air as we can and Molly has activities of some sort daily. She even counts her fruit and veg to make sure she gets her 5 a day.

 Today was the first day I left my baby for a few hours. I was in desperate need of my roots doing - seriously they were down to my ears! I didn't wanted to leave Elsie before now, I didn't really want to leave her now but even my friends were asking when I was going to stop wearing my hat all the time.  

Anyway I was not the best prepared. Last night my medela swing breast pump broke, I have only used it a few times about 3 months ago. I was in a bit of a panic before bed trying to work out how I was going to get Elsie fed whilst I was having my hair done.So this morning I run around looking for somewhere that sells the replacement bit I needed. Nowhere sells them. 

 Now without being able to breastfeed what am I to do? Well the only option is formula. I bought a carton of the ready made formula and sterilised some bottles. As I give Elsie her last feed from me before I go I realise we only have 2 cloth nappies left too. Now not only do I have to give Elsie formula when I don't want to I have to buy disposables?? Argh no! I am so unorganised. 

 Thankfully my hubby this time is not! He had taken some nappies out the wash this morning and had out 2 in the airing cupboard to dry!

 I sit in the hairdressers knowing that my girls are being well looked after. In fact a text tells me Elsie has had a massive nap and they are all off to the park. Elsie refused the formula - obviously knows mummy's milk is best, didn't cry without me being there and they all had fun. 

Now don't get me wrong I am incredibly proud of my hubby and how well he has done, but I hate to admit I felt a little disappointed that my family didn't fall apart in the three and a half hours I was away.

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