Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The most exciting thing in the world to a 6 year old!

Molly has a wobbly tooth, it is seriously the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her in 6 years!
Trips to the funfair are nothing in comparison. A family holiday to Portugal can barely be remembered. The arrival of her baby sister, well it was nice but not exciting for her. But, the wibble and wobble of her front bottom tooth is "THE BESTEST THING EVER".

The wobble was discovered last night.. at about bedtime as it happens. We checked and rechecked the wobble, brushed and re-brushed the tooth and then again checked and re-checked the level of "wobblyness".

Discussions were had on the cash-flow levels of the tooth fairy. Apparently first teeth warrant a higher payment then the others. Okay I can except that. She also seems to be writing notes to some children in her class when a tooth falls out. Right okay I think we can arrange that for the first tooth too. She also leaves a photo of herself. What really? Which parent thought loony task up! Where am I meant to get a photo of the tooth fairy printed off? Come on playground mums give me a break. Your making it too hard for the rest of us to keep up.

For now we just have to contend with the "I can't eat apples because it might pull my tooth out" and "I might swallow it and eat it and you will have to look in my poop for it"....Ur I don't think so child?!


  1. A photo, oh maaan! I'm sure the tooth fairy doesn't do that for us.

  2. lol she didn't leave one for us in the end either, she is far too busy and doesn't want everybody recognising her in the supermarket!


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