Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday madness

Ever have just one of those days? 

20 minutes before we need to leave for the school  run Molly starts scratching her head. It's the moment every parent dreads. Its the moment every parent starts to itch their own head. Its the moment you see your child has brought several guests home from school for the weekend. The moment you have to come to terms with the fact YOUR CHILD HAS NITS.

So I make a mad dash to the local supermarket to buy some nit treatment. There are so many types. You can buy powders, gel sprays, mousse or lotions. Some you need to comb through with nit combs afterwards which may or may not be included in the box. Others are one off treatments. Some are treat once now and repeat in a week.

I want the most convenient as well as the most effective. I decide upon a gel spray that treats in a one off treatment.  So Molly is quickly wrapped in a towel and hair is attacked with the gel. Just watching her sitting there scratching her head with a plastic comb is making my own hair itch. It also makes my sense crawl a little bit but I try not to let her see that. 

After 30 mins (twice as long as needed but I wanted to be sure every little critter was dead), the removal of the gel commences. This takes a lot longer then expected and uses up the rest of the shampoo bottle.

Hair washed and dried we are finally ready to leave for school, as I am locking the front door and balancing the baby on my hip whilst unfolding the pushchair and fastening Molly's coat, the dentist rings. We had an appointment 5 minutes earlier. 

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