Thursday, 15 March 2012

Learning to swim - Swimava Swim Ring

Swimava Swim Ring Review

Like many new mums I am keen to teach my baby to swim. Now that she has reached three months I felt ready to take her to the local leisure centre. I had looked around for new swimming aids and as they all seemed much of a muchness planned a trip into town the following day.

That afternoon I received an email saying I had been chosen as an independent reviewer for a new swim ring. It was called the Swimava swim ring. I hadn't heard of the company before so waited to see what would arrive.

Within a few days Mr Postman had delivered it. I was so excited to take Elsie swimming I ripped open the packet.  Inside was a small wet bag containing the ring and pump. I eagerly pumped up the ring. It had 2 tubes that you needed to inflate and two clasps to fasten. The first time I used the pump I was a bit over zealous and the handle from inside the pump flew through the air. After reattaching it I pumped it slower. The ring looked a little small. I read through the instructions carefully and saw that it actually went around babies neck. That explains why it looked small then. It had a colourful attractive design on it and even some little balls that moved around inside the tubes.

At this point I was a little worried about taking Elsie swimming with this. I re-read the guidelines and I must admit I then did a little internet search. I was pleased to see nothing but praise for this product from those that had used it. There were also a fair few concerned mums on various parenting websites  commenting about the safety of the product. None of whom had used it!

We trialled it that evening in the bath. We ran a deeper bath then normal and placed the ring on Elsie. She seemed perfectly comfortable in it and there was no squirming or crying.

We used the ring several times in the bath before swimming day came. My other daughter Molly was so excited to have her baby sister swimming with her at the leisure centre. Elsie was really happy to be playing in the ring in the pool. It was even better then in the bath. She was able to tread water and laughed and giggled the whole time we were in there.

There have been some concerned looks from other parents and the lifeguards on every trip swimming. I really wanted someone to come over and ask what it was and was it safe but no one did. I was keen to show them how wonderful the product was.

Compared to other baby swim rings this one allows more freedom, because her arms and legs are free to move under the water she is already learning to tread water. It also meant for us that Elsie was much warmer as more of her was submerged in the pool. The double tube means that if one should burst or have a puncture the other would hold baby long enough for you to notice and come to their aid. I found this very reassuring. The two clasps similar to the type you have on pushchairs and high chairs mean that baby can't wriggle free from the ring. Although Elsie is too small now to fiddle with the clasps I feel reassured that even in a few months she couldn't release herself from the ring.

If you are using any swimming aid with your child please remember to never leave them unattended. Swimming aids are not intended to be used without parental supervision.

To read more about the Swimava swim ring click here

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