Monday, 12 March 2012

Green Pomelo

Nappy Review
Green Pomelo Birth to Potty (BTP)  pocket nappy
Mia looks thoroughly thrilled with her Giraffe print!

£12.65 from

The birth to potty popper nappies are available in 5 different patterns and colours. There are fun and bright ones including the giraffe print above, or a bumble bee or  ladybird! You can also buy velcro fastening birth to pocket nappies in a different range of colours!

Drying Time
Because they are pocket nappies they dry reasonably quickly, The minky outers take longer then the others.

The micro fibre insert is standard in today's nappy market. It lasted our little tester 3 hours quite easily. You can boost the nappy with boosters if you have a particularly heavy wetter.

It did very well, our fluffy dumplings tester had no leaks.

The nappies are aimed from birth to potty and were a great fit even on the slimmest legs!

Overall Rating

Our little fluffy dumplings say "super easy to work out even for a total newbie"

Reviewed by Francesca mum to Mia .

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  1. Thank you so much! We value your review and shall try our very best to make it 10/10 in the near future. Thank you again. From GreenPomelo : )

    1. I see they now come with two inserts. That's great news. If I get an option to review a new one I will certainly write a new review. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Sarah

  2. Hello, just to let you know that all GreenPomelo Nappies are now comes with two super absorbent microfibre insert soakers instead of the usual one! Yippy! We hope this will improve our grade.
    from GreenPomelo :)


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