Thursday, 22 March 2012

Crispie Crusade

This is a simple fund raising initiative by the Miscarriage Association. It coincides with the start of spring which is a time of renewal.  The idea is simple its to spread the word of  miscarriages and share Hannah's Story.  A true story about a lady who miscarried. The aim is to raise £2000 by simply making Crispie Cakes and taking them to any place you would normally go to and sell them for 50p each!

The MA is a cause very close to my heart and through them and others I met on-line I survived a devastating year of miscarriages in 2009. In the April I suffered a very early miscarriage, I had only known I was pregnant a few days and then I started to bleed. I tried to pretend it hadn't happened we hadn't even announced I was pregnant so it was pretty easy to ignore it.  Then as time went on I was desperate to get pregnant again.  
Within a few weeks I was pregnant again. I was over the moon and the baby I lost was replaced. This time we told our close friends. Having already had a miscarriage I figured that was my fair share for the year.  We booked an early scan for 6 weeks and I was amazed to see my baby's heartbeat and to actually hear it too. Everything was perfect my daughter was going to get a much wanted sibling.  I started to tell friends and family I was pregnant and even told a few people of the previous miscarriage. 

Then a few weeks down the line on one Sunday night i started to bleed again. I looked on-line for help and was advised to go to the early pregnancy unit at my local hospital. I hadn't done this with my first.  The following day we went down and had an appointment for a scan the day after. The next 24 hours were hell. I was bleeding a small amount on and off.  I feared the worse. 

The scan time finally came around and to our amazement there was a heart beat. We were given another scan picture and sent home.  I didn't know whether things were going to ok or not, then I read the notes we had been given at the hospital.  On the discharge sheet the doctor had written threatened miscarriage. I phoned in sick to work and waited.  My husband had a night out planned, he didn't want to go but I made him, it felt like if he went everything was back to normal and would be okay. 

By 10.00pm the cramps started getting worse and I knew it was over again, I spent the next 2 hours literally bleeding on the toilet. It was the worst moment of my life.

The following day I had another scan. I knew I had miscarried as I had seen  it. The scan was to check nothing was retained. I couldn't share my story with friends or people I met in the real world so I turned to the Internet to help. The MA and some other on-line forums got me though. I learnt to talk about and except what I went through. The subject is still quite taboo for me today. I notice with friends they gloss over that period and don't like me to talk about it. Its as if they fear it. 

Lets help break the taboo. Click on The Crispie Crusade and request a fundraising pack. 

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