Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cloth nappy myths busted

When I first started using cloth nappies I had mixed reactions from friends and even strangers. Here are some responses to bizarre reactions I have heard.

  • I do not stick my hands in poo and I never will stick my hands in poo. 
  • I do not put poo in my washing machine.
  • I do not spend all my time washing. It takes 2 minutes to stick another load on at the end of the day and 5 minutes to hang it out.
  • I do not boil nappies in a pan.
  • My child does bot smell of poo or wee, in fact cloth nappies smell the sweetest as there is no smell of ammonia reacted with chemicals.
  • No I am not brave I simply want my child to be comfy, be a little kinder to the planet and save a bit of money.
  • No I don't need to have disposables as well. Cloth copes very well overnight, on holiday and even with poorly children.
  • No I do not think I am going to save the world, but neither am I adding to the enormous nappy landfills.
  • I will not get bored soon!
  • My child can wear normal clothes. She fits into jeans and leggings perfectly.
  • I am not delaying my child's development and she will be able to walk! I and probably most of you reading this wore cloth nappies, can you walk?



  1. This made me laugh especially the last one - why would people say such stupid things! I'm expecting my 2nd baby and thinking about using reusables for the 1st time, I didn't really consider it 1st time round but didn't think any of the above... people can be so daft :)

    Now following - noticed you on Parent bloggers on facebook. xx

    1. Thank you Emma, there are some very strange people out there! I didn't use cloth on my first either, I thought about it for a minute and as I knew nothing about it and had no friends using cloth I left it. So pleased I have done it this time. Newborn cloth is adorable! Thanks for following. Sarah


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