Tuesday, 6 March 2012

CJ's Review

I have recently been posting a lot about wipes and solutions so thought its time I let you know about these all natural products - CJ's Carcass cleaner and nappy creams.

I have recently been making my own cloth wipe solutions to trial and test and whilst some have proven to be excellent I also wanted a bottle already made up.

I have been reading about CJ's products on various cloth nappy forums I belong to so thought I should give it ago. I purchased from Fill-Your-Pants as you earn points whilst you shop which you can use against future purchases.

Changing table goodies
The CJ's Carcass cleaner was originally formulated as a body wash. It quickly stood out as not only moisturising skin but didn't exacerbate eczema and in fact seemed to stop testers existing condition flaring up.

I bought a bottle of CJ's Carcass cleaner and two 1/2 ounce sample pots of  CJ's butter. They arrived the very next day!

Carcass Cleaner

The Carcass cleaner can be used as a soap, in the bath or squirt a bit on a wet cloth and used as wipes.  They come in an array of 'flavours'.  I have chosen Warm Vanilla Cake which smells as you can imagine! 

CJ's butter was developed as an all vegan butter which contains only natural ingredients that have not been tested on animals. This natural alternative to chemical laden baby creams is simply delicious.

Both the Butters are gorgeous smelling and come in incredibly handy sized pots, small enough  to take up hardly any room in any changing bag.

CJ's Butter

I bought these in Sensuality and Caribbean Therapy. I am most impressed with both 'flavours'.

CJ's is also cloth nappy safe! 

Sadly even though these products are natural, Elsie's skin has been irritated by all 3 products. I am gutted as up until today she had been fine but today was the 3rd time I used them and she has broken out in spots where the butter has been applied. I am guessing she has reacted to the scents added to the products.  I want to now try the natural and unscented versions to see how they work.

This is not a sponsored post.

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