Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saving badly cared for cloth nappies

In need of some cloth nappy help.

I have some pre-loved nappies bought from cloth boards that have been shall we say not exactly loved. They have a marks which currently have not sunned out although they have faded. But they also smell really badly when wet and leak really quickly. 

We haven't yet tried a strip wash but also want to check if there is anything else I could do to salvage them? 

So what does everyone else do to save badly cared for nappies?

I have done some internet research already and have seen a few posts on adding a capful of bleach to the wash. Before I suggest this I want to know if its worked anyone? I am concerned it would ruin the nappies completely.

Any suggestions... or shall I just strip wash them, or failing that add them to landfill?

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