Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bumgenius XS AIO Nappy

Nappy Review
BumGenuis XS AIO nappies are made in the US and Egypt. BumGenius XS are designed for newborns and are suitable for approximately 6 to 12 pound babies. They come in 12 different colours and are applix (velcro). They are AIO (all in one) nappies, essentially no stuffing wrapping just fasten and go. 

Sophie looking gorgeous
Fluffy Dumplings Rating
£9.99 from various online UK stockists 

The nappies are available in a range of 12 colours. They are applix nappies which is suitable for mums, dads and grans! As they are for newborns there is no concern about baby being able to undo the nappy.

Drying Time
Because they are an all in one nappy the drying time is a lot longer than other styles of nappies. 

Using an ultra absorbent inner core makes these nappies very absorbent, 

BumGenius XS AIOs have a soft elasticated leg designed to contain newborn poo which works very well.

The nappies fit from 6 to 12 pound and as such don't last very long. However bumGenius nappies have an excellent resale value. They are an excellent fit on young babies though and sit much nicer than birth to pocket nappies.

Overall Rating

Our little fluffy dumplings say "Brilliant even bought some in the next size up"

Reviewed by Susan mum to Sophie.

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