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BumGenius Freetime Nappy Review

Nappy Review
 BumGenius Freetime are designed for birth to potty (8lb to 35+lb). However, unlike all other BTP nappies we have tried, these are all in ones (AIO's). They come in a range of colours and a couple of patterns and are available to buy in either applix (velcro) or poppers.   

Fluffy Dumplings Rating
£15.99 from Baba Me

Being birth to potty makes them better value then sized nappies as you will be using them for more than two years on average. 

All bumGenius nappies have an excellent resale value which makes up for the initial slightly more expensive outlay compared to other brands.

The nappies are available in a range of 13 colours plus an additional 2 patterns. There are available as applix or poppers. In our experience the applix nappies  are more suitable for dads, grandparentss or childminers to get used to as they fasten the same as disposables.  We have trialled the poppers this time.

Drying Time
The nappies are made from quick drying material. Although we don't use a dryer in our house we understand the nappies dry within half an hour in one. We hung the nappy on a normal airer/clothes horse. The actual outer shell of the nappy dried very quickly and the attached microfibre inserts dried overnight in a warm room. Although this nappy is an AIO the flaps can be spread out to aid quicker drying. 

The soft stay dry inserts and lining keep all the wet away from baby. It has also an additional microfibre terry layer sewn into the shell of the nappy itself. As with other bumGenius nappies we have used we have experienced no leaks from this nappy but we are changing the nappy every 3 hours. If you have a heavy wetter you would need to boost the nappy. It is possible to fit a more absorbent booster underneath the flaps without bulking the nappy out too much.

BumGenius Freetime nappies have a soft elasticated legs which have contained even the messiest of poops our daughter threw at it. We didn't experience any leaks with this nappy.

The nappies fit from 8 to 35+ pound and as such last on average from birth to potty training. They are not as bulky as pocket nappies and have a slim enough fit between the legs. The soft elasticated legs didn't leave any mark on our daughters chunky thighs. As you can see she was very happy in it!


Overall Rating

At fluffydumplngs we highly recommend these  bumGenius Freetime nappies especially for those new to cloth as being AIO it makes them very easy. These nappies are ideal work horse nappies that could be used every day.

Baba Me Limited were kind enough to supply us with the bumGenius Freetime nappy to review.

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