Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The beloved cloth nappy gets an outing

I have no reason to post this other than to show a lovely photo of my daughter in a beautiful cloth nappy.
My eldest daughter Molly had a terrible stomach bug this weekend so yesterday spent the day on the couch watching TV and trying not to get too annoyed when Elsie cried. 
During the afternoon I had tried to get her up and joining in with some play time or singing but she wasn't having it.
When it came to next changing Elsie's nappy though she had a request. 
"Can I choose the next one?"
Surprised but pleased I told her of course,
Then she picked up the sacred nappy the nappy that has only been washed and photographed. The nappy that sits proudly apart from all the others because I think its too beautiful at the moment to use.
What do I do? I couldn't say no, could I? No I couldn't.  I silently prayed Elsie would not wee or poop for an hour and then I would whip the nappy off!
I took the beloved nappy from her hands and dressed Elsie in it.  Both me and Molly sat there admiring how pretty she was in it. I had to take a photo obviously.


  1. I need a girl baby for this purpose alone!

  2. there are some great boy nappies out there too. Have you seen these http://www.craftybums.co.uk/items.php?pid=947


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