Thursday, 15 March 2012

5 Things Which Make Me Happy Meme

I have been tagged by the adorable Clare over on Emmy's Mummy in this simple 5 Things Which Make Me Happy meme.

1. My beautiful girls. We went through a lot to have them and now I can't remember a day when they weren't here. Honest they are beautiful when they are not pulling faces when mummy is not looking!

2. My husband, now I could go all sloppy on the he makes me happy because he loves me and understands me more then anyone blah blah sloppy soppy route but actually it's because he makes me a coffee every morning and works hard every day so I can be a stay at home mum.

3. My virtual friends. I have a group of friends I made under some very sad circumstances. We have all gone through the pains of trying to have a family, suffering miscarriages and failing to become pregnant. They are my rock and I can never describe or explain how much they have helped me. The group will be complete once every member holds their take home baby in their arms

4. My real life friends. A real mixed up mucked up bunch of people if truth be told!

5. Saturdays nights. In our house Saturday is take out night and nothing beats a Chinese and watching take me out.

Now I want to see what makes these people happy

1. Nikki Thomas 
2. Melissa
3. Simmi Duffin
4. EmsyJo

I have tried to pick people I have not chosen before for meme's and would really like to know more about! Let me know if you choose to do this meme so I can read it.


  1. Love it, thanks for joining in :)

    Loving number 3 :) Such sad circumstances but I'm glad I met you x

  2. Oh, I've just noticed I'm tagged (now has a vague recollection of seeing it at the time!) Am definitely suffering from baby brain! Will do it this weekend :)

    1. I have to write everything down in various places so I don't forget. I shall have to check your blog now to see if you did it!


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