Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What was number 1 when your children were born?

I have been tagged in this simple meme by the lovely @scouseboysbabe

My first is for my beautiful oldest daughter Molly 
 December 2010 - Pussycat Dolls and 'Stickwitu'

My second is for my gorgeous baby girl Elsie
November 2011 - Bruno Mars and 'Just the way you are (amazing)

Neither of these songs sadly mean anything to me and in fact I cant even remember them. I only know they were number one because I have looked it up. Now don't get me wrong I love music and a have a lot songs that mean something to me and if hear them whip me back to special moments in time.  

Molly's song is Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus. It is one of her favourite songs to sing and she has been singing it ever since she could talk. She is always trying to beat her dad on sing star with it! I have obviously recorded it and shall tease her with it when she is older.

Elsie is still a bit too young to have her own song but at the moment singing Mickey Gilley's 'The most beautiful girl' seems to get an awful lot of giggles out of her. But maybe that's just my dulcet tones which amuse her?

Now who to tag?

I think I shall like to read posts from 


  1. Hi Sarah

    I hope you don't mind me contacting you again. I am very pleased to hear you seem to be doing well with both your girls.

    I have my pre op Assessment next week for my Surgery and am very nervous, would it be ok for me to perhaps email you?

    Kind regards

    Karen xxx


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