Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Something I love - young love

In the run up to Valentines I thought I would share a photo with you of young love. This is my daughter Molly and a very good Jack. I went to university with Jacks mum and she is Molly's god mother. 
Jack and Molly are really good friends even though we live hundreds of miles away. When ever we meet they play wonderfully together. 
This photo was taken last summer and in my opinion captures the innocence of young love. That summers day they laughed, ate a picnic, threw balls and ran amongst the grass all day long. It was such a beautiful time for them and us. I look at this photo and can feel the excitement of summer and long days playing outside.

I am sharing an image of something I love with Love All Blogs and Albelli


  1. That is a very lovely picture - gorgeous! Hope you won :)

  2. I love this picture Sarah :) so cute Xx


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