Thursday, 2 February 2012

Praise for a nappy

After bath time last night I was really struggling with the girls. Big little Miss Molly was hyper and had the moods of a teenager and little Miss Elsie is wearing me out with the constant reflux and current diarrhoea. I put Elsie in a normal house two parter nappy, one that is not particularly pretty or special and we have a few of them so I always use them when she is unwell. The nappies work brilliantly but are rather bulky and not fancy so we tend to use them for house times only really. Anyway a few nappy changes were required in the evening and when I took Elsie up to bed I forgot to change her again. So she was in her day time 2 parter with no boosting. Setting myself up for a disaster or what. However, this morning no leaks. The name of this wonder nappy a plain old mother-ease onelife with an airflow wrap. I have mentioned my wonder at these nappies before and my amazement continues! I may have found the solution to my night time nappy disasters.

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