Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Poorly little baby

You know its going to be a long day when baby wakes with red cheeks, chin and a great darth vader impression. Poor little miss! 
So today has mostly been about daytime TV blankets and cuddles on the couch and one numb arm were little miss fell sound asleep on my shoulder and I didn't dare move for 2 hours. 
During my daytime TV extravaganza I was subjected to 'an expert' claim that cloth nappies were disgusting. Cue an army of cloth bum mums like myself posting pictures of our gorgeous cloth bummed children on her facebook page. It would be nice to think they would respond with a feature on cloth nappies and how they have changed and what they do for the environment. For those of you with twitter people have been trying to get #clothnappiesrule trending.
When I finally got around to taking my nappy wash out the machine I realised I should follow my own advice and not fill the machine with too many nappies - they just don't wash well enough. For my advice and information check out my guide page washing your nappies

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