Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pinch punch first of the month

Well we are certainly using a considerable amount of nappies today. Little Miss Elsie has a lot of poop poor thing. I think probably because I am on antibiotics and she is breast fed but don't really know!
Luckily my thoughtful hubby took the nappy wash out this morning otherwise we might have run out by tomorrow. Speaking of which, our washing machine broke down today. I was silently pleased as to have my eye on a machine that does a nappy cycle however we have a spare machine. Yes a spare machine how unlucky is that? I know I know I should be grateful given the fact we are not flush with money but I really wanted a new machine! 
So today we are reaching to the back of the nappy storage cubes and I am pleased to say I am happy with pretty much every nappy I have. We are pretty much in the house for most of the day so don't have to reach for any pretties. I am sticking with our workhorse nappies (Baba and Boo and btp and onelife two parters)
What do your little ones wear when they are ill? 

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