Friday, 3 February 2012

Oh no leaky nappy day...

We have had a busy day today, started rather badly when the car wouldn't start. So we missed our swimming trip out and driving a huge round trip to our nearest Tesco that stock the Tots Bots nappies that are on BOGOF. Very disappointed, I intend to write to Mr Tesco and show my disappointment that only a few stores stock the nappies and even then not all the patterns are in the promotion. Anyway I digress. I have several bambooty's some new some pre-loved. Today Elsie managed to out-wee two in a row in short time (less then 2 hours) I am wondering if nappies have a lifespan? Have I bought to old a pre-loved nappy? It was rather greyed to be fair and I was disappointed at the state of them when they arrived. Anybody care to enlighten me?

1 comment:

  1. I thought our motherease nappies were loosing capacity over time, but after 2 children in them for 2 years each I did a test and filled them with water and they took in what the website told me they would, so it was just my kids doing enormous wees


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