Monday, 13 February 2012

Night Nappies

Night time nappies are one of the hardest nappies to find. Its the one nappy time that some cloth users revert back to disposables because they cant find a night time nappy that lasts the night.
So far to date we have tried all sorts of combinations, fleece wraps, fitteds and wraps and all in one night time nappies. Until now the fitted and wraps have worked a dream, and in fact they do still work its just a few of our wraps are smalls so no longer fit. They leave the little red rings around the thighs. So the other night with no other night time nappy option I put two micro fibre inserts and a bamboo booster in a baba and boo pocket nappy. To be honest I was ready for a leak and prepared to have to strip the bed. However, much to my delight and surprise the nappy lasted more than 12 hours and Elsie was dry the next morning and most notably so were the sheets! Fantastic news in my opinion that for now we have enough day and night nappies.

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