Monday, 27 February 2012

Lullaby Baby Gift Reviews

Exciting post
 This morning we collected some exciting post, a parcel sent from Lullaby baby gifts which I won recently after following Alison on twitter. Elsie seems to be rather excited by the parcel too. Under the outer layer is pretty blue tissue paper, making it just that little bit more special.

I remove the paper and discover a gorgeous soft cuddly giraffe toy. It has soft ears that Elsie has discovered crinkles when she chews on them. It is beautiful neutral colours but without being the usual beige and cream. Giraffe, as he has now been named, is the perfect size for little hands to grasp and cuddle.

For this afternoons nap Giraffe was safely tucked up with Elsie in her crib too. She slept soundly with him grasped tightly in her hand for the whole nap. What was very pleasing to discover is that Giraffe has no irritating squeaks inside that could possibly wake Elsie when she is sleeping.
Cuddles with Giraffe
One of the best things though about this gift is that at only £4.95 I can buy it for other friends and family members who are soon to be having new babies.
Why not pop over to lullaby baby gifts to have a look at their full range of baby gifts and quality baby wear. I have my eye on some of Nanny Murrays piggy slippers

This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. A great review!! Even if I do say so myself! ;O)

    Alison Murray
    Lullaby Baby Gifts


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