Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Baby Legs from Baba and Boo

Now I have to be honest when I first started using cloth nappies I had no idea that baby legs existed. It took a while for me to understand what they were actually used for as I hadn't seen any information on them.
Now after many conversations with several cloth nappy groups I was keen to try some on my little Elsie.  We ordered a pair from Baba and Boo and today we got to try them out.

                              Just look how happy she is in them! 

Baby Legs are soft and comfortable with soft elasticated tops that fit from the the skinniest to the chunkiest of legs. As Elsie is only 3 months old they are still a little long but this isn't a problem as she obvioulsy isn't walking or crawling so she isn't going to trip on them. By the time she is learning to crawl they won't be covering her feet.
Nappy changes have been quicker and easier today too.

                       It was very easy to whip on this cow print nappy! 

                                               (Also by Baba and Boo)

There are different styles and colours available which will match with so many different nappies. They are cute and practical for in the house and out and about. 
Come the summer time when I am carrying Elsie in her sling I can either add or remove the baby legs depending on the weather. She is also likely to be learning to crawl at this time and I can slip these on to protect her knees from our scratchy carpets and hard wooden floors.

Now to decide which ones I want to order next!

This is not a sponsored post.

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