Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 1 , first day of the year in cloth

Today is the first day of our cloth nappy journey. We have previously experimented with various nappies but its been pretty hit and miss and not exactly a concentrated effort. Elsie at 8 weeks old has mostly been in the dreaded disposables after a few nappy disasters.
We started the day at 10.00am in cloth. Our first nappy of the day is a bambooty nappy with an owl design. This is one of our many borrowed nappies. As there are no nappy libraries that I know of near me I have asked my online friends to lend me some of theirs that they can spare or no longer use. I am overwhelmed by their response! Elsie had this nappy on for two hours and then it sadly leaked a little out the side. However I am not at all disappointed, it was full to the brim of breast milk poop, I am not sure any nappy could have contained it. At 12 we chose a purple velour bitti d'lish SIO (Snap in one) nappy that has also been borrowed from a friend. This nappy saw Elsie through a feed, an hours play and a two hour nap. Elsie sleeps on her tummy mostly so we were pleasantly surprised there were no leaks.  Our next choice of the day was another bambooty. We only had this nappy on for an hour before bath time and once I had taken off Elsie's sleep suit I noticed another poop spillage. It leaked from the leg hole of the nappy on one side and gathered around the elastic. As this is a borrowed nappy I am concerned about the washing of it now, even though I have used our own fleece liners. Rather than just throwing the nappy as it is into the lidded nappy bucket (known as dry pailing) I decide to rinse of the poop by holding the nappy under the flushing water in the toilet. Our final nappy of the day is a bambooty night time nappy. It has four layers of inserts in and is obviously slightly bulkier than the bambooty day nappies we have already used. I shall let you know how we get on with this one!                                                  


  1. I wish I'd been brave enough to go cloth. I just found the 'lingo' around cloth nappies was alien to me. Inners soakers bamboo cotton??lol7!

  2. It's why I offer a trial service and advice, I think it puts most people off!


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