Monday, 2 January 2012

Day two in cloth..first night done!

Well I have to say our first night using a bambooty night was a success! I did change the nappy in the early hours of the morning but that was more because I failed to stop Elsie crying with a feed and a wind and she wouldn't go back to sleep so I inspected the nappy. I was sleepy eyed, drained of milk and desperate for anything. Once it was open it seemed wrong to fasten it back up and leave it on? Maybe this is something I will learn to do? So I had to resort to one of our own already tried nappies. She wore a little lamb bamboo size one with a motherease wrap. The nappy has previously worked and still does, I just don't like the fact she can't bend in the middle because of all the bulk. 
When it came to choosing today's day nappies I was slightly saddened that we have already run out of our borrowed supply. The previous days nappies are currently being washed. So, today Elsie is sporting a red baba and boo btp nappy with one micro fibre insert and one fleece liner. We have previously had leaks with these nappies around the leg elastic and waist so I have only used one insert and fastened it as tight as I can without digging into her.

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