Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 4

Well we went with the bambooty night and did contain all the poop up until the 4.00am feed when I decided to change the nappy, I think it was a good thing I did too because it was feeling rather full and started to feel damp on the outside of the nappy.
Elsie has been feeding a lot all night so I am not surprised the nappy was full. I will purchase I few of these nappies of my own and keep trying them at night. Thankfully they seem sell on pre loved at a reasonable value too.
Todays nappies have been a mix of baba and boo and the trusty borrowed bambootys. I have been changing them within 2 -3 hours - coninciding with Elsies feeds and we are having far fewer leaks. The hardest part is making sure the fit right up to the knicker line to make sure they fit right. 

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