Saturday, 28 January 2012

Day 27

A day of onelife nappies and motherease wraps. Although these are quite bulky and not my first choice for out and about as Elsie's reflux is quite shocking at the moment she is constantly in easy to change sleep suits aswell as easy to change nappies. The sleepsuits mean there is no need to worry if clothes will fit, and to be honest I think she looks so much cuter in a sleepsuit and cardigan. Just as babies are meant to be.
 My poor little tea cake is leaving sick puddles where ever we go. Today we were sat in a soft play area with Molly after school and suddenly splash another puddle. Now as you will have noticed most soft play areas have carpets so there is nothing I can do to help clean up the mess! It soaks straight into the carpet. I take Elsie to change her nappy and splash another puddle on the toilet floor, splash the corridor and splash down the back of some poor man sitting at another table. Now what would you do? Do you tell him or carry on walking? Guess what I did? 

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