Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24, I need fuffy post to cheer me up

.................... and I get some! After a long night with Elsie really struggling with her reflux I am in need of a parcel or two from Mr Postman. He does not let me down.
My first parcel is the red close carrier I have bought preloved from a facebook slings site. It is lovely, I am almost tempted to waken the sleeping little Miss Elsie to try it on .... but only almost.  My second parcel was an impulse buy - I am not too sure why I bought it other then it was on sale. I dont need any more day nappies, I certainly don't need any more birth to potty nappies but I appear to have wanted one. Its a lovely bambio mio miosolo http://www.fill-your-pants.com/one-size-nappies/bambino-mio-solo.html It looks lovely and soft and I like the thickness and softness of the core. I just need to wait until the end of the day though until the nappy bucket is full so I can wash it. I am keeping my promise to myself that I will not wash nappies daily and I will wait for a full load before I do a wash.... but its hard!
Later today we have some medical students coming round. As part of their course they are stdying Elsie in her first year. More importantly I need to pick out the perfect nappy for the occasion.....


  1. I also bought a Mio Solo because they were on sale. I also have no need for more nappies. I like it though. The inner is really soft, and I've found it to have reasonable absorbency for an all-in-one. Plus it's a pretty colour!
    I know what you mean about choosing the right nappy for the occasion. I always make sure Baby L is wearing her pretty nappies when we go to baby groups :)

  2. It is becoming my highlight of the day, choosing the nappies for the day. Especially when they are all washed and stuffed and sitting pretty waiting to be picked.


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