Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 23

We have started the day in a motherease one life and motherease air flow wrap. These have become invaluable to me. The nappies are not pretty or slim but they hold an awful lot of wee and have never once leaked on me. They still look far cuter then any disposable nappy and are soft and fluffy enough to keep the happiest of bums.Both the wrap and nappies are poppers.
After an amazingly long time in this nappy I changed Elsie into our new (to us) Bum Genius. WE bought a couple off the facebook preloved page and so far I am impressed. It came with two Bum Genius inserts but I have only used one for now as with the two it was over stuffed and didn't sit right around the bum. These feel similar to my baba and boo btp nappies but are smaller on the rise and in general size. 

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